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expert on viruses and epidemics, tells us what is new tonight. >> reporter: tonight, it is being called a "superbug." we now know this new strain of norovirus, which makes people violently ill could be particularly vicious. first identified in australia, it is now ripping across the country. in an average year, about 21 million americans get norovirus, with those classic stomach-flu symptoms. 800 will die. it comes on very suddenly, within hours of being exposed, and today, since no one has immunity to this new strain, many more of us, perhaps 50% more, could become violently ill. it's like a ferrari -- fast moving and well designed. compared to the flu. flu is spread mostly in the air, by coughs and sneezes. you need to breathe in as many as 1,000 virus particles to get sick. norovirus? just 18 particles can do it. extremely contagious. that means if i'm riding on an escalator and put my hand here, and someone with norovirus put
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their hand here two weeks ago, i've just picked it up. that's right, on hard surfaces, revolving doors, door handles, coffeemakers, regular flu virus can last two to eight hours. but norovirus could be there, and infectious, for weeks. cleaning your home, regular detergents don't work. you have to use bleach. you need to get norovirus off your hands before it gets to your stomach. good old soap and water, over and over again. now, to be clear, most people are going to have a horrible two to three days and then they're going to feel better. the key is to drink plenty of liquids. as we mentioned at the top of the show, hand sanitizers that work for the flu, don't work for norovirus. >> because it's shaped differently? >> it's a different type of virus and this is totally ineffective. >> anything else you can do? >> the key is prevention. if you have this disease, you shouldn't be preparing food or near other people. you got to wait for it to run its course. >> all right. thanks so much. now, we move to another big day on the stock market and a
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new retirement boost for american 401(k)s. the dow with the highest closing since the rise in october 2007 before the recession hit. but this time, will that surge last? abc's david muir is here. >> the biggest exhaling today after the markets closed could be coming from american baby boomers, so close to retirement, but watching their dreams vanish. tonight with this giant market rebound, we wanted to know who was benefitting, the corporations or some of the same baby boomers who you met on this broadcast benefitting too. tonight the dow's highest close since the financial collapse. the s&p soared, the longest winning streak in nearly a decade. american giants like proctor & gamble singing again. earnings tonight, income more than doubling for them. tonight here's what's key. it's not just the corporate titans reaping the rewards. >> it isn't just benefitting the ceos and the rich hedge fund managers, a lot of americans have something to gain.
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>> reporter: growth in the market finally helping those american baby boomers. every day 11,000 of them turning 65 and now they're recovering that lost ground in their 401(k). why is the market on a tear? economists telling us the election is over, the fiscal cliff crisis over, the debt ceiling battle pushed off. congress hearing the frustration we've been hearing on the trading floor for months. >> people in the city and outside the industry are just frustrated. >> reporter: frustrate because that gridlock put a lock on the stock market too. but tonight for many of those boomers and so many americans, finally, what appears to be a solid recovery. >> these worst case scenarios people were looking at in 2008, you can start to say, okay, we're not going to go there. >> reporter: couples like john and jeanette who you first met to "world news" two years ago. john had turned 60, jeanette about to.
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a manufacturing sales rep, he was planning to work another five years because of the market. their retirement dreams had grown simpler since that wedding day. their only trips, to visit their granddaughter. since we last interviewed you, how much has your 401(k) recovered? >> it's gone up about 30%. >> reporter: and one stock alone, how much is it up? >> about 26 or $27,000. >> reporter: their 401(k) growing again along with that granddaughter. is it giving you a little more freedom? >> yes, it's given us quite a bit more freedom. >> great to see that. olivia is growing with the 401(k). finally for the baby boomers who had to replan in the middle of the recession. >> and apple is no longer number one in the world? >> yeah, they held that title for the year. they lost it and pretty timely. ashton kutcher will be playing the role of steve jobs and that biopic. many people wondering if apple has lost its touch. one economist was saying, apple
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was vch steve jobs. the real question is whether they can replace the mind of steve jobs. he somehow knew intuitively what the average american family would be using and needing, touching with their fingerprints before anyone else. that's the big question tonight for apple. >> thank you very much, david muir. now as we head into the weekend, 13 states are facing a weekend of treacherous cold, ice, and snow. this is how it looked. this week arctic air washing the country in wave after wave. andas abc's steve osunsami tells us, it's not over yet. steve? >> reporter: good evening, diane. so difficult to see this thin layer of ice and freezing rain, up to half an inch fell in some places on roads and trees, sending cars flying. today it was one wreck after another. outside knoxville, a state trooper slid off the road. the fire truck racing to assist him flipped on the ice and
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crushed his car. and he died of a heart attack. in southern indiana, a bus carrying a women's track team rolled over after the driver lost control. four students were sent to the hospital. >> she did everything she could. hit the brakes, i mean, she fought it for probably a good half mile. >> schools were closed or closed early in georgia, tennessee, kentucky, north carolina, and in virginia. with cars and school buses had to negotiate with the ice. in much of the midwest and northeast where the storm is quickly moving and where it's still bitterly cold. >> my nose got really cold. >> reporter: schools are still open and health officials are warning parents to keep their kids safe. >> if your child hadn't been sick before, and you go outside and they're having a cough, that may be one of the first signs that they're having a bad response to the cold air. >> reporter: here are a few families to feel for in a supplies caught on camera. the people in this building in pontiac michigan have had no heat since saturday.
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and were using their ovens to keep warm. then adding insult to injury, the water pipes burst. it was really tough for firefighters battling a blaze in lawrence, massachusetts, who looked like walking icicles in the cold. >> it's tough because we're running into frozen hydrants and frozen lines. it's tough for the guys to get around with the icy conditions. >> reporter: there are worries about pets and wildlife too. mayor cory booker came to the rescue again last night, saving a dock whose owner had accidentally left her stuck outside. >> this is brutal weather. this dog is shaking really bad. you can't leave your dogs out on a day like this and go away. >> north of the mason dixon line this extreme cold is expected to last through the weekend. at the very least. >> thank you so much. and one more note, look closely, because we're going to show you something that isn't just snow. it's snow created by steam from the beaver valley nuclear power
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station outside pittsburgh. the warm air hitting the cold air outside and you can see the results on the radar. a snowstorm two miles wide, 30 miles long. we should add, it was not nuclear snow, it was not dangerous. over seas now, to north korea. roads have been cleared of snow. tunnels have been sealed and all within the past four weeks. researchers analyzed the images, some taken within the past 48 hours, and they say the back country could test their bottom inside that mountain. at the white house today, we watched the doors open and close on the president's inner circle. today was the last day for a familiar face, tim geithner. after four turbulent years, former chief of staff jack lew
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has been nominated to take over. it was the first day for the president's new chief of staff. he was already a power player at the white house, advising the president on foreign affairs. someone else about to exit the stage is making headlines tonight. secretary of state hillary clinton. we saw her testify before congress, wearing the glasses she's been wearing. they turn out to be another consequence of that serious concussion and blood clot. jonathan karl tells us what the administration confirmed today. >> reporter: we learned something new today about what hillary clinton was going through when she gave that tough emotionally-charged testimony on capitol hill hill this week. >> what difference, at this point, does it make! >> reporter: those glasses were no fashion statement. if you look closer in the left lens notice those vertical lines. those lines are an indication she's still dealing with side effects from the concussion she's suffered six weeks ago. affecting her vision.
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>> when you're used to having single vision all of your life and all of a sudden the muscles aren't in balance and the double vision is extremely noticeable and bothersome. >> reporter: her glasses have a fresnel prism lens. the stick-on prisms are used to assist people experiencing double vision. earlier this week the state department deflected questions about the glasses. pointing reporters to this interview from last summer, suggesting they were a fashion choice. >> i feel so relieved to be at the stage i'm at in my life right now. if i to want wear my glasses, i'm wearing my glasses. >> reporter: she's been wearing them since last month after doctors discovered a blot clot close to her brain. today the state department confirmed there are lingering issues from her concussion, however the secretary seems to be taking it all in stride. >> she also enjoys some of the comments she saw in the press
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about the extra diplomatic lift she gets from gesturing with them. >> doctors tells us double vision is common after a concussion, but it's usually temporary and clears up after a few weeks or a month. concussion or not, secretary clinton seemed at top of her game. in five hours of tough grueling testimony on wednesday, she was as forceful and in charge as we have ever seen her. >> all right, johnathan carl, reporting from washington. thanks. this just in, a big move tonight to restrict some prescription painkillers like vicodin. last night we brought you the story federal regulators looking to stem the epidemic. today a panel voted to toughen up restrictions on vicodin and other popular painkillers that use hydrocodone. the fda is expected to follow the recommendation to make it more difficult to get those drugs prescribed because of all the abuse. still ahead, in homes across the country, thieves stealing
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hundreds of thousands of guns. how can be stopped? an abc news investigation next. we're all having such a great year in the gulf, we've decided to put aside our rivalry. 'cause all our states are great. and now is when the gulf gets even better. the beaches and waters couldn't be more beautiful. take a boat ride or just lay in the sun. enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty. and don't forget our amazing seafood. so come to the gulf, you'll have a great time. especially in alabama. you mean mississippi. that's florida. say louisiana or there's no dessert. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home.
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and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to all this week the debate has continued over guns and violence in america, but amid all the talk about background checks, magazine clips, there's one statistic you should know. a huge percentage of the guns out on the street are stolen. and hundreds of thousands of those turn out to be stolen from homes in your neighborhood. abc's senior justice department correspondent pierre thomas decided to investigate. >> reporter: you're looking at a new mexico walmart on christmas day, masked thieves stealing rifle after rifle. this is a robbery in progress in colorado. but these young crooks are not there to steal cash. they're there for the guns.
5:45 pm
watch as thieves in south carolina ram this stolen suv right through the front door of this gun store. see right there, that's a rifle. smash and grabs at gun stores happening across the country. >> gun stores are the candy store for criminals. >> reporter: nearly 25,000 guns per year are lost or stolen from gun dealers. an estimated 230,000 guns annually, roughly ten times more, are stolen in home burglaries and property crimes. watch these thieves caught on type, breaking into a california home. jackpot. they find a gun. >> any burglar that finds a gun, their eyes are going to light up. that's the first thing they'll take. >> reporter: some estimates show half of american adults owning guns. and the crooks know it, breaking into homes for the hot commodity. stolen guns like these, recovered in an atf sting, often flow into the hands of criminals, including convicted felons who are prohibited from buying or possessing firearms. >> talk to any criminal, they can find a gun within an hour or two.
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if a gun is stolen and it's a cheaper price model, you can buy it for $50. >> getting calls for gun shots in the area. >> reporter: we saw evidence of the deadly pipeline during a recent trip to philadelphia. >> gun arrests are made every single night. >> reporter: in all, six people shot in the span of only a few hours. nearly 3,000 people were shot here last year. 3,500 guns recovered. many of them stolen. >> this detective ran this gun and it came back stolen back in 2005. >> really? >> so it's been on the street for seven years now. >> reporter: with the debate raging, if some guns get harder to buy, authorities say it will be even more important for retailers to fortify their buildings and to gun owners at home, police say keep your guns out of public view and secure in a safe. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. coming up here after a break. the big apology from subway tonight. it's our instant index. have you measured your foot-long sandwich lately?
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sandwich they serve. patrons will still be getting out their rulers. proving sometimes nice guy do finish first, a big day for our friend jimmy kimmel who received a star on the hollywood walk of fame today. >> my parents brought me here to hollywood to visit the walk of fame when i was 10 years old and i never imagined that they would leave me here to fend for myself. i will never forgive them for that. >> last night some of his friends decided to have fun at his expense. that's matt damon hijacking the show. congratulations on today. and something else tonight, this just in. ♪ what's love got to do ♪ got to do with it >> tina turner announcing today she's giving up her u.s. passport in order to become a swiss citizen. she was born in tennessee but has lived in switzerland for
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and finally tonight, our person of the week. on monday, in a sense, he won the lottery for the second time. he's a young designer who twice studied michelle obama, twice dreamed the way she should look, and twice she agreed. >> ladies and gentlemen, my better half, michelle obama. >> reporter: there it was, that red dress, created for the first lady by a 30-year-old named jason wu. he was once just a little boy growing up in taiwan. he was not like the other kids. his family was traditional. his parents understood that geniuses rarely like everyone else. >> i begged my mother to get my a sewing machine. so she got me one for christmas. i think having parents who
5:55 pm
understood that was a blessing. it is a blessing. because otherwise i probably would have just become a misunderstood child. >> reporter: he was 9 when he moved to canada, learning english by reading fashion magazines, and he must have created baffled looks when his first two words in english were the name of a super model. >> stephanie seymour. >> reporter: and then four years ago, the brand new designer took a chance, he sent a dress to the unusual woman about to become first lady. >> i looked up every single photo of her and i really studied her posture, her preferences. >> reporter: he spent hour after hour trying to capture who she was. he knew she moved like an athlete so the dress had to move. it was white and she was young, so it was studded with surprise. ♪ the skies above are blue
5:56 pm
>> reporter: in that moment, jason wu became a certified superstar. but believe it or not, four years later, last monday, he was in new york and didn't know until she walked out that she had chosen the dress he dreamed for her once again. >> and i really wanted the vision of confidence, commanding presence. >> reporter: two people, two surprising success stories in america. >> to say that she has changed my life is really an understatement. >> reporter: two people, but one message. whatever you dream, you can be. >> someone in this room could be the next jason wu. someone in this room could be the next barack obama. ♪ whether times are good or bad ♪ ♪ happy or sad >> and so we choose jason wu, who said he's so grateful to be part of american history. and we thank you for watching. we're always working for you at
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"nightline" later at its new time, 12:35 a.m. eastern and david muir will be anchoring this weekend. i'll see you again on monday. i'll see you again on monday. breaking news, late word on the sexual assault case against super bowl bound michael crabtree. the da's decision, just ahead. a crack down on business owners who have not complied with san francisco's health care law. what are they doing with the surcharge? >> clamor at court house over an oyster farm, is it's a fight for survival. >> i got my tickets. >> he's not going to disneyland, he's go together super bowl. an experience to save yoer for fans and players alike.
5:58 pm
san francisco 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree will not be charged for alleged sexual assault in a downtown hotel. >> just a moment moments ago the district attorney announced the case has been investigated by police and there is not enough evidence to charge crabtree for the encounter a woman at the w hotel. this allegedly took place after the niners beat the packers in candle stick park this month. crabtree was never detained or arrested. >> investigators say crabtree fully cooperated and we've reported sources say two other women who were there at the time told police the sex was consensual. >> in just minutes we'll go live to niners headquarters and will hear from the team as they prep and do interviews before heading off to new orleans for super bowl 47. good evening, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. if you've ever dined in san francisco you've notice a
5:59 pm
health care surcharge. the question is whether the money is going to employee health care or lining pockets of some restaurant yorns. mark? >> we're on columbus avenue. a street famous for the restaurants. some of whom have been adding this surcharge to the bill. today, the city attorney said five million dollars from the year 2011 has gone missing. city attorney says restaurants are required to report how much they've collected and spent a few of them appear to be cheating. >> they imposed surcharges on customers to cover costs with the universal health care law but used little or none of the funds to provide benefits to employee autos the surcharge appears on some restaurant bills. john says

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